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– Original spare parts of Volkswagen group brands

– Good accessibility

About Us

In our online store e.rimtoma.lt you will find the necessary original Volkswagen spare parts for Volkswagen and Volkswagen commercial vehicles that are suitable for repairing your or your client's car.

Offer of our products

– Original Volkswagen spare parts and spare parts “Economy”

– Wheels and tires

– Original and branded accessories

– Original accessories

Original spare parts

– Manufactured since the car was created

– Identical to parts used in new cars

– Latest technical condition

– Full range

– Guarantee for the supply of parts necessary for the commissioning of a car even after the car has stopped mass production

Original spare parts "Economy"

– On average 40 percent cheaper than corresponding new parts

– Manufactured in the process of restoration in accordance with the serial specification

– Latest technical condition

– An assortment of over 15,000 original spare parts

– More than 60 product groups from the main groups

– Engines / engine parts

– Clutches / gearboxes

– Axles / brakes / steering system

– Fuel-air mixture system

– Electrical system

– Others

– An environmentally friendly way as renovation saves valuable resources and saves energy

“Economy” spare parts

– For maintenance and already worn parts, an oriented assortment line of spare parts for vehicles over five years old

– Specific creation process

– Residual value adapted specification

– Low prices for the end consumer

– High quality level


– Volkswagen tires and tires of other well-known brands, steel and light-alloy rims and wheels, complete set for all passenger cars.

– Original accessories of the brands of the group

– A wide range of branded accessories from renowned manufacturers

Our booking services

– Easy selection of auto parts based on data

– Convenient ordering via the Internet, e-mail or by phone

In order for us to be able to provide you with the part you need, we need the following vehicle data:

– Vehicle identification number

– Model and equipment

– Engine number / engine code

– Gearbox number / gearbox code

– kW/hp, working volume

The following data is also required under certain conditions (for example, when ordering paint):

– Paint code / car color

– Internal execution / code

– Key number

The data can be found in the vehicle's data sheet. In addition, the vehicle data decal has existed since 1981 (since August 1980). You can find it in the service book and in the car. In different models, it is mounted in different places. We can help you.

Our terms

– Regular offers

– Quantity discounts and special discounts

Comprehensive consulting

Feel free to ask us for helpful hints and tips. We have specialists who will be happy to help you and your colleagues.

To facilitate your work and shorten your workflow, we will also be happy to provide you with specialized literature.

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